Parenting Session

Stay calm!

The worst thing to do is overreact, by storming into the school and demanding immediate action.

I have spoken at hundreds of schools and had the pleasure of meeting each principal. I have never met a principal that wasn’t entirely devoted to the safety of every student that walks through the front door. Note, that if you didn’t know your child was being bullied, the principal and teachers may not have either.

Things to do before your contact the school.

Grab a note book and sit down with your child. Write down who, what, where, when things happened and notate if bystanders were watching.

Remember when you demonstrate that this is a repeated action and an imbalance of power, then it is time to contact the school.

If at anytime you are concerned – contact the school.

Ensuring positive communication with teachers and principals is vital to helping your child grow in a safe school environment.

As parents:

We need to work together to reduce bullying in schools.

Our positive behavior needs to be demonstrated to our children at home and in our community.

Review schools policies and procedures when it comes to bullying and harassement.



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