Parenting Session


Jim Jordan– President Co-owner/ Motivational Speaker/ Entertainer/ Author

Bullying Expert – Certified by the Dept. of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Academy & St. Johns Ambulance. Crises intervention trainer.

Jim has over 20 years of child development experience and past host of local TV show ‘The Jimbo Show’. Voted best entertainer 12 years in a row by Reader’s Choice Awards in the GTA.

Author of:

Plug the Tub

Bullying it’s time for a paradigm shift

Be a super hero

Stop teasing me!

Lucy Jordan– Co-owner/ Program Coordinator/ Administration/ Marketing/Advisor
Over 20 years in customer service as an Advertising Sales Representative.


Kim Clark– RSW/ Advisor
Kim brings over 30 years of experience as a social worker specializing in Mental health training.

Abbas Haroon– Skoomin App IT Technician.


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