Parenting Session

What is Bullying?

Bullying is generally seen as aggressive intentional behavior to control someone physically, mentally, or emotionally. Not all bullying is aggressive sometimes it’s punitive. Bullying occurs in every city, community and school. Bullying has no barriers it affects all races and gender.

Bullying is a repeated action. When done once it’s either violence or harrassment but when done repeatedly then it becomes bullying.

There are four indicators when it comes to bullying

  1. Imbalance of power – this can be physically, intellectually or even and imbalance of power from a social status
  1. Intent to hurt – this not an accident its intentional
  1. Further aggression – bullying is a repeated action

4. Frightened – where the victim feels helpless, stays silent, scared that things will get worse.

Teaching kids to say stop or to walk away from the bully may seem like the right thing to do but bullies don’t pick on kids with high self esteem; they pick on the students who are weak, lower on the social ladder, they may have mental or health issues and they terrorize them. This is why we focus on the behavior of the entire community so they stick up for those who are targeted repeatedly.

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